2008 Red List

by Lauren

The 2008 Red List consists of 44,838 species compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Studies show that 38 percent of these species are close to extinction, while 25 percent of all mammals are on the brink of total oblivion. The list shows the most critically endangered animals of 2008, and this time it listed amphibians, mammals, and birds. This article will share only 10 of these many endangered animal species. They are as follows: the Pere David’s Deer, Iberian Lynx, Tasmanian Devil, Cuban Crocodile, Caspian Seal, Asian Fishing Cat, Grey-Faced Sengi, Purple Marsh Crab, Rameshwaram Parachute Spider, and the Holdridge’s Toad.

All of these species have either been announced extinct  in the wild ( Pere David’s Deer), endangered ( Tasmanian Devil,Caspian Seal, Asian Fishing Cat, Purple Marsh Crab), vulnerable ( Grey-Faced Sengi), critically endangered (Iberian Lynx, Cuban Crocodile, Rameshwaram Parachute Spider), or completely extinct (Holdridge’s Toad). As you can see, most of these species are only endangered, while some unlucky ones have faced the fate of total extinction. The 2008 Red List explains why these species are endangered or extinct, and where they are found in the world. Most of these species suffer from disease or large population decrease. It also classifies all of the 44,838 species into different categories for their state in the world at eh moment (critically endangered, endangered, extinct, extinct in the wild, etc.). The Red List helps us keep up to date on the species in our world that are coming to and end, and how we are trying to help. The 2008 Red List is interesting to me because I love animals, and might want to be a vet someday and learning about animals in any was only helps me get closer to my dream





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