Pink Dolphins

by Emma

The Pink Dolphin lives in the Amazon River. Their scientific name is Inia geoffrenis. Pink Dolphins are known as the most intelligent mammal. There real name is a Albino Dolphin. Pink Dolphins are sometimes found in a family from 5-8 dolphins, it is lead by an adult male.

Male Pink Dolphins are bigger than the female. It has a hump on its back instead of a fin like a regular dolphin. It is usually 2.5 to 3 meters long. They have a fin that looks like a big leaf. The Pink Dolphin has unusually small eyes. The Pink Dolphin can turn its head 180 degrees because it has a infused vertebrae. They weight 90 kilograms. No  one understands why the Pink Dolphins are pink.

Baby pink dolphins are usually born between July-September. They build a lodge and turn it into a nursery for the calves during December-February.

People are struggling to save these dolphins because they are disappearing rapidly. Pink Dolphins are an important part of the underwater ecosystem. Pink Dolphins don’t have any known predators except for humans. They usually don’t live in groups because they don’t have many predators.

Pink Dolphins are so interesting to me because, they’re PINK! Pink Dolphins are really interesting to learn about because there is so much to learn about them. Pink Dolphins are a really fascinating subject.



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