Isaac Newton, a great scientist

by Will

Isaac Newton is considerd one of the greater scientists for his for his work on universal gravitation, the laws of motion, calculus, and a light theory.

Isaac Newton was born in 1643 at a English town called Woolsthorpe. When he was young he was in a very poorly operated school. In the school it was said that Isaac was hit on the head somehow and “the hard shell which imprisoned his genius was cracked wide open.” He started to ask questions like “What is light and how is it transmitted? What keeps the moon in the orbit of the earth, and the planets in the orbit of the sun? Why does the apple fall to the ground?” When he became a grown man he answered these questions and came up with proof that his claims were true.

Isaac Newton died at March 20th 1727. He died a knight of Queen Elizabeth, a master of the mint, a president of the Royal Society, and one of England’s greats.



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