The T. Rex Leech

By Evan

The T.rex Leech is a normal size leech with massive teeth that lives in the upper Amazon. The Latin name for this species is the Tyrannobdella rex which means Tyrant Leech King.

This leech has been around for 2 million years and has coexisted with the dinosaurs. This type of leech has only one row of eight teeth that are five times bigger than any other leeches. The leech uses its teeth almost like a saw.   The T.rex leech has been known to attach to noses, throats and ears enter the body through eyes and ears. This leech is a recently discovered species found in 1997 attached to a Peruvian boy’s nose.

These leeches have been known to stay attached to their host for up to two weeks. Victims of the leech constantly complained of headaches. Tyrannobdella rex is a fierce species and I hope that you don’t come across it!

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