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What is a “Science Star”?

A “Science Star” is…

*one who asks questions and tries different ways to answer them.

*a good listener.

*someone who learns from their 5 senses.

*someone who shows respect for classmates, teachers and classroom.

*one who notices details and makes careful observations.

*one who uses materials and cleans up responsibly.

*someone who carefully draws what they see.

*someone who shows gratitude by thanking and helping others.

*one who writes about what happens.

*someone who shows compassion by being careful with other living things.

*one who makes comparisons by measuring.

*someone who shows self control and remembers that safety is important.

*someone who designs experiments to test predictions.


*one who keeps trying over and over.


*someone who experiments by trial and error.

*one who collaborates and cooperates with others.

*someone who shows courage by being willing to try new things.

*someone who has fun while learning.

Developed from: What is a Scientist? by Barbara Lehn, and the Pine Cobble Character Pillars


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The 6th grade has been working on writing blog entries about science topics that interest them. Please read on to see some of the fascinating things they would like to share!

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